Medusa Piercing | Everything You Need to Know | A Complete Guide

One of the sexiest lip piercings you can choose is medusa piercing. If you are thinking of becoming one, I am going to tell you the most important thing you have to know and clear all doubts about how it is done, how much it hurts and what care you need.

What is the Medusa Piercing

The Medusa piercing is one of the different perforations that we can do in the upper lip. It is located inside the nasolabial groove. The filtrum or nasolabial groove is the cleft that we have above the upper lip and below the nose. This piercing is also known in English as Philtrum piercing because of its location.

Medusa Piercing
Medusa Piercing

Variants of the Medusa drilling

  • Vertical jellyfish Also known as Jestrum piercing, it uses a jewel with a curved bar that makes that in addition to seeing the jewel above the upper lip, it also looks below giving a symmetrical appearance.
  • Double Medusa. It is a second perforation inside the nasolabial groove parallel to the normal jellyfish piercing and in which you can put a jewel of identical design to the first but playing with different sizes.

What earring Medusa to buy

The most common is the labret earring, a bar with a ball as termination. There is a variation, the internal labret, where the bar is hollow and the termination ball gets into that hole. A very attractive option is to place a hoop, the problem is that they do not fit everyone.

Always avoid earrings made of nickel, it is recommended to use titanium and avoid surgical steel. The diameter of the most suitable jewel is 1.2 and with a length of 6 to 12mm.

How a Medusa Piercing is done

Before drilling, the area to be drilled must be disinfected taking into account that in this case there is a part in the upper lip and another in the mouth.

  • For the area that we have above the upper lip, we use an antiseptic soap.
  • To wash the part that is inside the mouth we use an antimicrobial oral rinse, it is much more effective than the mouthwash that can be bought in the supermarket.

With the help of a professional forceps, the lip is stretched and held horizontally to separate it from the teeth and avoid damage when doing the piercing.

It is pierced with a hollow needle or catheter section 14g or 16g. To complete the piercing, the jewel is placed in the needle hole and passed through the hole while the needle is removed.

Better watch the entire process in this video:

How bad does a Medusa Piercing hurt?

As this part has many nerve endings, it hurts a little for a couple of seconds, around a 5 on an escalation of 10. Everything that is close to the lip can hurt a little more, but it is not very strong, it is a bearable pain. In the first few days, you will notice that it bothers to eat but if you eat slowly it is supported without problems. For the rest, in everyday life, you don’t notice that you have it.

Healing and Piercing Care Medusa

Healing depends on the care and body of each. The Medusa piercing takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete healing. Like any earring that is in the mouth, it is very important to maintain the routine of cleaning the teeth after each meal. This is something you should already be doing even if you don’t have a piercing.

For the part of the inside of the mouth, you have to brush your teeth, continue as you were doing until now and try to finish cleaning using an alcohol-free mouthwash. For the outside, it is enough with water with neutral soap.

Important Tips

  • During the first days do not smoke, drink alcohol, citrus or salty foods and be aware of any infection.
  • It prevents the hole from coming into contact with creams or cosmetic products while it is not cured.
  • Visit your dentist regularly to do a mouth check.

Risks of upper lip infection

There is a risk that the jewel rubs the gums or teeth. This is something that happens in the long term, it doesn’t happen overnight. The rubbing of the earring can cause the gum to recede and the tooth to move over time.

If the jewel rubs against the tooth it can damage the enamel irreversibly.

Like any other perforation, there is a risk of inflammation, redness, pus secretion, and pain. If in doubt go to a professional before it gets worse.

How much is it to get a Medusa Piercing?

It depends on the area where you live but you can say that it is within the affordable ones. If you go to a qualified professional with a hygiene guarantee it costs you around $15 without the jewel. The jewel made of titanium, which does not give you problems with healing, you can buy it for $18.


It is a very nice piercing to look at and that is within the lowest prices. You have to watch that it does not spoil your gums or tooth enamel.

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