Septum Piercing | Everything You Need to Know | A Complete Guide

The septum piercing has gone from being a classic of the punk culture to one of the fashion accessories. If you are thinking of getting one, it is normal to have doubts. We will tell you how it is done, how much it hurts, what to do after putting it on, and much more.

What is Septum Piercing

septum piercing
 Septum Piercing

It receives the name of the English translation of septum piercing because it is done in an area known in anatomy as the septum. It is a small piece of soft skin that we have in the nose. Separate the nostrils, just below the nasal septum, in the nasal vestibule. From the nostril can be seen with the naked eye.

This drilling has its origin in India and was spreading across the African and South American continent. It was a way to put a barrier to prevent evil spirits from entering through the nose. Nowadays, it has become a very popular fashion accessory.

What Slope Septum to Use?

The most common pieces are the open ring (CBB) and the closed ring (BCR). The open ring has the opening down towards the lip and is topped with a pair of balls. The closed ring looks more tribal. You can choose simple, with a ball in the center or with geometric and bright shapes.

  • I recommend that the diameter of the jewel be 1.6mm, although it can also be 1.2mm.
  • The best material is undoubtedly pure titanium. You can wear any jewel that is made of a nickel-free material.
  • The change of the first setting can be made after 6 weeks.
  • For the more daring there is the option of putting on a horn or ivory fang-shaped piece. The appearance is identical to what usually wear in the tribes.
  • Don’t you want the earring to be seen? Don’t you want the hole to close? The usual solution is to wear a piece of jewelry called a retainer.

An alternative: Pending Septum False

Either because you want to try how it looks. Or because you want to know if you find it convenient to take it daily. It is best to buy what is known as a fake earring before drilling. The appearance is identical to that of the closed earring, and the investment is minimal.

How is Septum Piercing Done?

The process of piercing is more straightforward than it seems. An experienced person will take nothing to do it. Of course, you have to have some ability not to leave it crooked.

  • Step 1 Cleaning: With a swab or gauze soaked in neutral soap, rub the septum area inside the nostrils.
  • Step 2 Marking: Having a reference line prevents it from being crooked. To serve as a guide for drilling, one spot can be painted on each side of the partition.
  • Step 3 Drilling: My preferred method is with tweezers and a hollow needle of section 14g. The septum is clamped with straight tongs specific to the septum. The perforation is done by passing the needle through the tips of the pliers.
  • Step 4 Placement: Before removing the needle, take advantage of the needle hole to insert the jewel. When the needle is removed from the hole, the part is already in place.

In this video, you will see everything clearer:

You should also know that:

  • If you notice a few tears falling, it is normal. It is a characteristic involuntary reflex of nose piercings.
  • There are people who get dizzy. If you are prone, ask to be done lying down and try not to fast.
  • I do not recommend that you do it in spring, especially if you have an allergy. It is uncomfortable when you have allergy symptoms.

How Painful is a Septum Piercing?

When it comes to perforation of the septum, it often seems to be more painful than it really is. On a scale of 1 to 10, it could reach a maximum of 5 out of 10.

You need to know that it is a perforation of a thin piece of skin in the nose. It is not done through the nose cartilage itself.

The septum drilling process is relatively fast and is not as painful as some fear. It would hurt if they did it incorrectly, through the cartilage of the nasal septum.

They can annoy the tweezers that are used to hold the septum more than the pain of the piercing itself.

When you put the needle, you don’t notice anything. You might feel how the jewel is placed. It is normal to notice discomfort for a while after drilling or if during the first few days you touch the area.

septum piercing
Septum Piercing

Septum Piercing Healing and Care

Unlike other perforations, it does not need much care. The initial healing takes about one month to heal and is completed after 2 months.

During the first month, you have to do this routine daily:

  • Three times a day, pour hypoallergenic soap into the pits.
  • Pressing from the outside massage in circles as if you were blowing the snot in a handkerchief.
  • At the end of the wash, dry the area, and finally, take a few drops of physiological serum for each hole.

You should know that:

  • In order not to delay healing, it is better to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking during the first week.
  • Apply Tisuderma ointment to avoid sticking the jewel. I recommend it, especially if you use an open hoop. You can glue the wound sideways, and you would wear it crooked.
  • In the first months, it is normal for you to notice a repulsive smell caused by the healing process.

Do septum piercings get infected easily? – Septum piercing risks

The common risk of any perforation is infection. Something as simple as touching the earring with unwashed hands can cause infection. Do not forget about the cleaning routine so as not to see you with an infected septum piercing.

You have to be careful to hook the jewel with everyday things. It can happen to you with the ring of a can when you drink directly, also with a thick wool scarf or with a neck pant.

It is not recommended to wear silver jewelry in areas with mucous membranes, such as this one. Prolonged exposure may cause silver poisoning known as argyria.

Change a Septum Piercing

The first jewel is recommended to keep for a month before changing it for another.

Many people have doubts about how to change this slope. In this video, you can see how the process of changing the jewel would be:

How much do Septum Piercings Cost?

The average price of doing so with a qualified professional is about $ 20 on average. A jewel for this perforation that is made of titanium can be found from $ 15.

If you are looking for something more quality like a gold earring, prices can reach up to $ 200. This is usual to find jewels for the septum in which pearls and precious stones are used.

It is not advisable to do it in a pharmacy with the typical drilling gun. It will take you longer to cure, the perforation may be crooked, and the slope will be fatal.


Unlike others, you can put it inside if you want to hide it. If you decide to remove, it definitely does not leave visible marks. It is very uncomfortable to clean yourself if you have a cold, allergy or sinusitis, especially if you are on the street and do not have a mirror to see you to make sure you have no remains left by the jewel.

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